Our Mission

About: Golly Waffles serves Fresh Baked Belgian Waffles On A Sticks
Our Mission is to create the most memorable waffle experience you’ve ever had! You pick the flavor of your Waffles; then add your favorite topping.
  • First, choose your waffles. They come in four simply delicious flavors (Classic Belgian, Red Velvet, Cinnamon Bun, Stuffed).
  • Second, choose any toppings 3 toppings. Our toppings assistants will top your waffles.
    • We offer, Whipped Cream, Chocolate syrup, White chocolate syrup, Maple syrup, Nutella, Powered sugar, Marinara sauce or our fresh made Berry mix syrup.

Our Story: At Golly Waffles we provide a family-friendly environment. Come out and meet Mr. Golly and the family and enjoy a fresh baked waffle on a stick. Remember, to try not to eat the stick; Mr. Golly can always make you more! Yep it’s a waffle on a stick! We are just starting out and would enjoy having you come be a part of our growing family. No matter how big we become we will never lose our commitment to local communities and families. We insist that Golly Waffles remain a good neighbor everywhere we set up shop.

Behind The Brand: Did you know Golly is an acronym. G.O.L.L.Y stands for God Offers Life Love & You*. We want to glorify God by being faithful stewards of all that has been entrusted to us. Golly Waffles LLC donates to charities and organization that help struggling families.