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Not Your Typical Waffle 

By Golly

They're Good

Golly Waffles are oblong shaped Belgian Waffles, baked in a special waffle iron that uses no grease. Our special baking system uses only extreme heat that puffs the waffle around a stick, making it crispy on the outside with a cake-like consistency on the inside. Golly Waffles are a light and delightful treat.

Don’t Eat The Stick

We’ll Make More

Mobile Catering Truck

We'll bring Golly Waffles to you! Golly Waffles caters events of any size. We offer full-service catering. The Golly Truck is always on the move!

Indoor Catering

We can bring you a handful of waffles for a corporate event, family gathering, or school event.

Personalized Catered Events

Golly Waffles can accommodate to your event needs. In addition to waffles, we are happy to provide scrumptious extras like ice cream, fresh percolated coffee, iced coffee and fresh fruit!

By Golly, We Can Handle It All! 

Simply Delicious Flavors

Classic Belgian


Red Velvet




One Waffle
Endless Possibilities

Decadent Toppings

Fresh Fruit



White Chocolate

Mixed Berry Sauce

Cream Cheese Icing


Powdered Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Whipped Cream



Log Cabin Syrup

Sea salt

Strawberry Sauce

Apple Cinnamon